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2021 Mosaic Multi-sport Mixer



๐Ÿ€ 1 Hobby Box of 2021 Mosaic Fastbreak

๐Ÿ€ 1 Mega Box of 2021 Mosaic Basketball

๐Ÿˆ 1 Hobby Box of 2021 Mosaic No Huddle

๐Ÿˆ 1 Mega Box of 2021 Mosaic Football


Random Teams. Each spot will get 1 random team prior to the break.

ส€แด€ษดแด…แดแด แด›แด‡แด€แด แด˜แด€ษชส€ษชษดษข๊œฑ:

Boston Celtics/ NE Patriots

Brooklyn Nets/ NY Giants

NY Knicks/ NY Jets

Philadelphia 76ers/ Eagles / Steelers***

Toronto Raptors/ Buffalo Bills

Golden State Warriors/ San Francisco 49ers

La Clippers/ La Chargers

La Lakers/ La Rams

Phoenix Suns/Cardinals

Sacramento Kings/ Las Vegas Raiders

Chicago Bulls/ Chicago Bears

Atlanta Hawks/ Atlanta Falcons

Cleveland Cavs/ Cleveland Browns

Charlotte Hornets/ Carolina Panthers

Detroit Pistons/ Detroit Lions

Miami Heat/ Miami Dolphins

Indiana Pacers/ Indianapolis Colts

Orlando Magic/ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Milwaukee Bucks/ Green Bay Packers

Washington Wizards/ WFT/ Ravens***

Denver Nuggets/ Denver Broncos

Dallas Mavericks/ Dallas Cowboys

Minnesota Twolves/ Minnesota Vikings

Houston Rockets/ Houston Texans

OKC Thunder/ Kansas City Chiefs

Memphis Grizzlies/ Tennessee Titans

Portland Trailblazers/ Seattle Seahawks

New Orleans Pelicans/ New Orleans Saints

Utah Jazz/ Cincinnati Bengals

San Antonio Spurs/ Jacksonville Jaguars

*** Spots with 3 teams