About HOB

Welcome to House of Breaks!!

HOB was born when a sports-crazed business professional saw a way to combine his passion for Sports and Investment/Collecting into a successful collectibles hobby venture.

As a huge sports buff, watching games and investing in players is what drives the hobby and collectionswe have. There is no better feeling as a sports card collector, than to see your investments payoff when your favorite player you collect is having a stellar year...or ripping open a fresh pack of cards to hunt down those hot rookies. House of Breaks is a way for you to do JUST THAT!!

As im typing this I just ripped open a pack of Donruss basketball and Mosaic football.. the collection never stops no matter how old we get!! Meet our staff below!!

                     Tim London           Autumn (Full Time Nurse)       
              Owner/Breaker               Shipping/Ordering         







Our goal is to provide our customers with the Newest and Hottest Sports cards on the market and to flat out BRING THE ENERGY every night on our channel!! We want our  customers to experience the incredible feeling of hitting MASSIVE cards of their favorite players!! And it happens A LOT....

We carry a wide variety of Brands and Sports cards for you to invest in including Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Football, Soccer, Nascar, and Pokemon!! We ourselves are collectors and investors so we know and only provide the best of the best :) Lets rip some wax, see you at the House!!