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What are "Breaks" and how does this work ?

What is a group break?

  • A group break is a great way for a group of people to split large boxes of cards. In our breaks, the cards are split up by the team(s) or divisions. 
  • You can purchase slots in the break, which will be assigned to specific teams. When you purchase a slot, you're buying the "rights" to a team's cards that are opened during that break.  
  • When the break is full, we will notify the participants in the break that we are going live to open the box(s). You will receive ALL THE CARDS in that break for the teams you bought and/or assigned for that particular break. Shipping is included.
  • Every customer, regardless of break style, will get cards. You are always guaranteed to receive cards in any break you get into. Even in a “hitless” break situation, you can reach out to us and we will make sure you are taken care of and receive some cards for your purchase (see “hitless” policy below).

      PYT Break
      • PYT (Pick Your Team) group break is exactly how it sounds. You will have the opportunity to purchase the team(s) you want before the case is opened. These teams are priced differently based on the value of their rookies and star players and the fair market value of those teams and players. When you are looking to hit your favorite team(s) and/or player(s) this is your best option.
      • In some cases, it’s possible to go “Hitless” in a break as we have no control over the contents of the boxes we open. If you were to buy into any break and go “hitless” (don’t hit any cards) , please reach out to us at and we always make sure you receive some cards for your purchase. You will ALWAYS receive something for your buy in and we want to make sure you walk away with cards :) that’s what it’s all about.  

        How to Watch your Break Live or Replays 

        • We are live on Instagram and soon to be Youtube every night at 7pm Eastern Standard.  
        • Breaks will be done in the order they are filled. So our live feeds can be a mix of Personal and Group Breaks. We like to have fun in the room so even if you are not in any of the breaks, feel free to stick around for a fun time ripping cards and talking shop. 
        ***If you missed your break, please feel free to visit the link below to our IGTV  where all breaks are posted.  Replays here!!
         If you pay more than 25$ a spot and you do not get a hit you will get a $5 Hitless Credit uploaded to your account (within 3-5 Days of Break). There will be special priced breaks that do not qualify for the credit. Those will be noted in break listing.

          Any other questions??

          Feel Free to reach out to us via the Contact Us page. We can assist with any questions you might have.