Featured Pre-orders

We offer the option to pre-purchase products/breaks not yet released by the manufacturer. We ask that customers who are pre-ordering products/breaks to please be aware of a few Q&A's regarding the Pre-sales.

If I pre-order a product and the price increases, what happens?

The price that you purchase a product at is the price that you will be charged. If the cost of the item goes up after you place your order, you will not be charged for the higher amount.

Can I order preorder and in-stock items at the same time?

Orders will ship as the product becomes available. You may purchase any in-stock item and pre-sale break/product together and expect those in-stock items to ship immediately. As always, If you would have any specific shipping preference, please reach out to us and we will do our best to accommodate. 

How will I know when the Preorder break/product I purchased will run live?

All Pre-sale breaks/products have the current  approximate release date within the product description as well as tentative date of opening live. In some cases (out of our control) the release date of a product can be pushed back to a later date. In this case, all purchasers in any breaks and pre-order personals will be notified of the revised release date.